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Backlink Builder

Built with by Digital Marketers for Digital Marketers

Built with by Digital Marketers

Build backlinks with highly-targeted outreach

Earn quality backlinks  

Get more traffic  

Generate more revenue

In a repeatable scalable way, month after month.

I. Automated Prospecting

Let us handle the legwork

Forget about researching your competitors and niche-related websites. Forget about time consuming grunt work.

Let us handle the tiresome legwork and find out the most relevant outreach targets for each of your campaigns.

II. Prospect Outreach

Outreach with confidence

Get a targeted outreach campaign with deliverability optimized emails and tons of personalization options to increase conversion rates.

Outreach campaigns can be used in various ways such as asking for a link, finding guest posting opportunities, building partnerships, recruiting affiliates and more.

III. Acquire Backlinks

Manage backlink offers

Responses arrive to your dashboard for you to negotiate link placements with website editors.

The dashboard has all the tools to help you evaluate the prospects and manage your negotiations.

Industry-leading data sources

We used the best SEO agency in France, but

got 3X more links for 10X cheaper with you

Jean-Philippe Hue, CEO

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What Makes Backlink Builder different?

Stop hoping for a miracle and take control of your search results by building real, high-quality backlinks at scale.

Highly targeted outreach

High-Quality backlinks

Automation and speed

Scalable and repeatable

Authority, trust & relevancy

Supercharge organic traffic

We’ve gone in less than 12 months

from 0 to 200+ backlinks! Amazing!

Johannes Turunen, CMO

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Turn Content Marketing into a traffic generator

Stop wasting time and money on content without traffic. Grow your traffic by acquiring relevant backlinks.

Users may experience a sudden surge in traffic!

Warning: Users may experience a sudden surge in traffic!