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Backlink Builder

Built with by Digital Marketers for Digital Marketers

Built with by Digital Marketers

Features built for all-in-one link building

The only all-in-one link building toll that includes everything you need from beginner to pro and from startup to enterprise.

AI Prospecting

Instantly find prospects in your own niche that match all your link building needs and are the perfect match for your website

Scrape from a keyword topic

Find prospects from websites who are 1) ranking for related keywords and 2) linking to the top 1000 SERPs in given locations

Email verification

All prospects are verified and cleaned up automatically (we even delete catch-all emails for maximum deliverability)

Domain Rating (DR) filtering

Only prospects above a set domain rating (DR) will be counted a as prospects and are contacted

Prospect exclusion

Exclude your competitors or partners manually that you don't want to accidentally be contacted

Worlds largest database

Gain access to the worlds largest index of backlinks powered by Ahrefs so you don't miss out on any potential prospects

Email selection algorithm

Contact he most likely person to respond to your outreach based on multitude of ranking criteria and machine learning

Traffic filtering

Only prospects above a set amount of organic traffic will be counted a as prospects and are contacted

Prospect management

Existing backlinks are excluded automatically and prospects are excluded from future campaigns for 6 month for optimal results

Email drip sequences

Win your prospects over with automated and optimized drip email sequences that are designed to convert.

Drip campaigns

Automatically send drip campaigns to prospects. One initial email and two follow-ups every 5 days.

Deliverability optimization

Email deliverability is optimized from DNS level automatically with optimal google verifications, DKIM, SPF and DMARC settings.

Outreach domain included

All emails are sent from a brand new outreach domain with a try, use, my etc. prefix to protect your domain's deliverability and reputation.

Email templates

Start from highly converting outreach templates or write your own masterpiece.

Outreach CRM & Productivity

The dashboard includes your own outreach CRM which makes managing your outreach effortless. All your backlink offers are automatically added to the CRM.

Kanban board

Customizable outreach kanban board to se what's happening quickly and to mange your outreach.

Reply to offers

Easily handle the conversation about your link placements right in the dashboard.

Backlink offer intelligence

Know all the details such as Domain Rating and organic traffic about the domains from which you receive the offers.

Affordable guest post writing service

Order guest posts from specialized guest post writers at affordable rates. 1-2 business day delivery.


We'll notify you when your prospects answer so you're able to react quickly in order to increase conversion rates.

Order links for link swapping

Order high DR backlinks straight from the dashboard for three-way link swapping.

Analytics and reporting

Use data to make intelligent decisions about your campaigns and track your how your backlink develop over time.

Links won

Keep track of acquired backlinks for reporting to report to your clients or to track how your skills improve.

Deliverability rate

We'll automatically make sure your deliverability rate stays at an optimal level but you'll be able to keep track of it to, just to be sure.

Response rate

See how well prospects are responding to different campaigns so you can make decisions about your campaigns based on data.

Open rate

Keep an eye on open rates from different email angles and campaigns and how they effect the open rates of your emails.

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