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What Matters for Google?

Search Engines analyze your website, but also the websites that link to you to determine, if you should be trusted and ranked high in search results.

On Your Website

 Content, structure and metadata

 Technical aspects

 User experience


Outside Your Website

 Amount of linking websites

 Their Quality & Relevancy

 How authoritative the websites are

 Anchor text profile

Official top 3 ranking factors are

Backlinks, Content & User Experience

Andrey Lipattsev, Search Quality Senior Strategist


Why Backlinks Matter?

Backlinks help Google to understand your website is safe, relevant and trustworthy within your niche.

Worst case scenario

No backlinks, no organic traffic

Having no backlinks to your website is essentially the same as not having a website at all when it comes to organic traffic.

An effort was made

Reachable but no reputation

While having at least some backlinks to your website is a start, they most likely won’t grow your reputation just yet.

The goal

Network gives you power

Authoritative backlinks help Google to understand your website is relevant, important and trustworthy within your niche.

Quality backlinks grow your domain authority, trust and relevancy signals. These in turn helps you rank all the content on your website.

What to avoid

Bad reputation is contagious

Backlinks from low quality, spammy or un-relevant sources can ruin your website’s reputation.

How building backlinks to your website increases traffic?

Backlinks are like upvotes that tell Google to rank your content better than your competitors.

Google #1 ranking factor

All things being equal between two websites, the one that has more backlinks would rank higher.

The #1 reason for not ranking in top 3 for the keywords you want to rank for is due to a lack of backlinks.

Chart shows data analysis of 1 million Google search results performed by Backlinko and ClickStream.

Higher CTR % = more traffic

The higher your content ranks the more clicks it gets, simple as that.

The top 3 positions take 60% of all the clicks.

Chart shows data analysis of 11 million keywords and 89 thousand websites performed by Advanced Web Ranking.

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